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A Team Of Established Legal Advocates For Injured Pedestrians

As a pedestrian walking or crossing the street, you are always at risk of injury should a vehicle or bike hit you. Our Miami injury lawyer at the Law Office of Ada M. Barreto, P.A., has over two decades of experience representing individuals personally injured in accidents. When it comes to seeking compensation and justice after a reckless driver has hit caused you harm, you can count on us.

Pedestrian accidents occur most commonly as a result of negligent drivers who:

  • Are not paying proper attention
  • Are driving under the influence
  • Are driving carelessly
  • Are speeding or driving recklessly

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The Types Of Injuries Pedestrians Suffer Most Often

If you are struck by an automobile while crossing the street, you will likely suffer a serious injury. This may include broken bones, neck and head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and life-threatening injuries to your internal organs. Although you should seek medical attention right away, it is imperative that you retain legal counsel as soon as possible – after your visit to a health care provider – to protect your best interests.

When you work with our firm, we aim to recover compensation on your behalf that can cover:

  • Medical bills and lost wages
  • Negative lifestyle changes
  • Emotional pain and suffering

Find Out How Our Miami Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Can Help You

If you or someone you love has been injured in a pedestrian accident involving a car or other vehicle, you should find legal representation right away. Should you become our client, you will find that we are totally committed to protecting your best interests and working aggressively on your behalf until a fair settlement is reached. Please do not hesitate to call our office today at 305-709-5725 to request an appointment for a case consultation with Ada M. Barreto, our skilled and compassionate personal injury lawyer!

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