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Trust Our Skilled Miami Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When you, a family member or someone else you love has been involved in a serious motorcycle accident, you deserve to have a seasoned Miami personal injury attorney on your side. Our Miami motorcycle accident lawyer Ada M. Barreto will deliver focused advocacy for your personal injury claim from start to finish. Here at the Law Office of Ada M. Barreto, P.A., our team is proud to have earned a reputation over the years for providing dedicated and caring advocacy for individuals who have been injured in motorcycle accidents.

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Common Causes Of Motorcycle Collisions

When motorcyclists share the road with drivers in cars, trucks and buses, there is an expectation that everyone will follow the appropriate traffic laws and ensure the safety of individuals around them. Unfortunately, not everyone is a defensive driver and some motorists may even be irresponsible or reckless in their driving tactics. The number of wrecks involving motorcycles has continued to rise as riders share the streets, roads and highways with other motorists.

Causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • A driver not paying proper attention to the road
  • A driver not following proper traffic laws
  • A driver not preparing for poor weather and road conditions
  • A driver not having clear visibility of the road
  • A driver not noticing road hazards such as potholes

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If you or a loved one was hurt in a motorcycle accident that you believe was caused by a negligent or reckless driver, you may be able to seek financial compensation. At our law firm, we work with victims of motorcycle accidents, providing compassionate support and aggressive representation. We believe that in addition to monetary damages, you deserve to seek justice.

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