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An Experienced Miami Car Accident Attorney Ready to Help You

Much of Florida is subject to temperamental weather and torrential rainfall, often without much warning. There are also numerous wilderness preserves and parks dotting the area, sometimes surrounding entire communities on all sides. When the government fails to maintain their highways, these weather conditions can create dangerous roads that put drivers in real jeopardy. At Law Office of Ada M. Barreto, P.A. in Miami our attorney and her team understand how road conditions contribute to or cause serious accidents.

Common hazards that can create dangerous road conditions include:

  • Fallen trees, telephone poles and other large debris
  • Slick or flooded streets due to poor drainage
  • Cracked surfaces and potholes
  • Worn or otherwise unclear road markings

If you have been in a collision and you believe dangerous roads are to blame, get in contact with our Miami car accident lawyer Ada M. Barreto today.

What To Do After A Dangerous Road Accident

Many of the worst road conditions can be found in remote areas that are less frequently traveled. However, their isolation does not give the government the excuse to neglect them when they need maintenance and repair. If you were in a car accident and no one else was around, there are still a few things you can do that will help you secure fair financial compensation for your damages.

  1. Take pictures: Photograph the road, any obstacles you hit and the condition of your car. If there is no one nearby to provide you with testimony, your pictures might be the only physical proof you have for your case, so always be thorough.
  2. Get examined: Be sure to see a physician as soon as you can and let them know about everything that is bothering you. Do not ignore slight pains, as they could indicate a greater problem beneath the surface. Keep records of any relevant paperwork.
  3. Retain a lawyer: Figuring out who is responsible for your dangerous road accident might not be straightforward. You may need to file a civil lawsuit against the company contracted to maintain the road or you might need to go against your insurance company for a better settlement. Whatever course you need to take, arrive at your decision with a car accident attorney to avoid any mistakes.

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