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The Difference Between A Civil And A Religious Annulment In Florida

One alternative to divorce in Florida is to seek an annulment. There are two types of annulments: one is the legal or “civil” annulment and the other is a religious annulment.

At the Law Office of Ada M. Barreto, P.A., we understand there may be very valid reasons to seek to annul or “void” your marriage. We can help you determine whether an annulment is your best option and how to get an annulment in Florida.

The Difference Between A Divorce And An Annulment

A divorce ends a valid marriage. An annulment is the official statement that the marriage was never valid in the first place. Legally speaking, an annulled marriage never existed. So no divorce is necessary after an annulment. Annulments in Florida are more the exception than the rule, but under the right circumstances, they can happen.

Seven Reasons To Seek A Florida Annulment

There are many reasons you may wish to have your marriage annulled. There are seven common grounds for seeking an annulment in Florida. The Florida annulment requirements include:

  1. If one or both people are already married. This includes if one or both spouses are divorced from their former spouses but the divorce has not been finalized.
  2. If the couple are siblings, or one is an aunt, uncle, nephew or niece of the other
  3. If one or both of the people are underage. The age is 17 for marriage with parental consent and 18 without parental consent in Florida.
  4. If one person is unable to consent to marriage because of some type of temporary or permanent mental incapacitation
  5. If one person is tricked or forced
  6. If one person never intended to actually be married and live together, for example, getting married as a joke
  7. If one person is unable to have children and did not tell the other person

It can be difficult but not impossible to obtain a Florida annulment. We can help you determine whether you qualify and what steps to take next. If your marriage does not qualify for an annulment, we can guide you through the Florida divorce process.

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