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Bringing Families Together Through Stepparent Adoption

The Law Office of Ada M. Barreto, P.A., helps build families through the stepparent adoption process. As an experienced Miami family law attorney, attorney Ada M. Barreto strives to keep the best interests of the child at the heart of every decision made and is committed to treating all parties involved in the process with the utmost respect.

Adoption by a stepparent represents a lifelong commitment to love, care for and assume all of the legal obligations of raising a child as if he or she were his or her own biological child. Adopting a stepchild is easier than other kinds of adoption, but certain requirements must still be met. Attorney Barreto can help ensure that all aspects of the stepparent adoption process are completed in a smooth and timely manner.

Obtaining Consent For Stepparent Adoption

The consent of the child’s birth parent is required before a stepparent can move to adopt. However, if the biological parent’s parental rights have been terminated due to unfitness, neglect, abandonment or failure to pay child support, then their consent is not required. In giving consent for the adoption, the biological parent will no longer be responsible for paying child support and will no longer have any parental responsibilities concerning the child.

The Emotional Needs Of The Child

Of course, at the heart of every stepparent adoption is the child and their emotional well-being. Any decision should be made with their best interests at heart. If the child still has a continuing relationship with their biological noncustodial parent, it may be more emotionally difficult for a stepparent adoption to take place, regardless of how good a relationship they have with their stepparent. Typically, the less contact the child has with their other birth parent, the more sense it makes to move forward with adoption by a stepparent.

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Attorney Barreto has more than two decades of experience handling family law matters in Florida. With proven insight and a genuine desire to help families through their legal matters toward a bright and happy future, Ms. Barreto is recognized in the legal community and among clients as a strong and caring advocate who provides the highest quality representation. If you are ready to start the adoption process, get in touch with Ms. Barreto today at 305-709-5725.