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Enforcing Legal Arrangements

Divorce may be the end of your marriage, but it is not always the end of your legal concerns. If your former spouse has failed to follow the orders of the court, that failure can damage your children, your finances and more. However, there are legal actions that can be taken to ensure that the other party upholds their responsibilities.

At Law Office of Ada M. Barreto, P.A., our family law attorney has more than two decades of experience serving the family law needs of clients in Miami and the surrounding area. Our team can work with you to defend your rights and to ensure that both you and your former spouse uphold your agreements. We can help you decide whether the other party has taken an action that can be seen as contempt, take appropriate actions against your former spouse and protect your family.

Ensuring That Agreements Are Not Taken Lightly

When someone has been issued an instruction by a judge and intentionally refuses to follow that order, they may be considered to be in contempt of court. Common forms of contempt include failing to pay child support or spousal support, not following the visitation agreement set down by the court, resistance to the agreed division of property or improper parenting conduct.

If your former spouse has not respected the terms of a court order, there may be serious consequences for them. Those consequences can include:

  • Fines
  • Garnished wages to pay for missed support payments
  • Required additional visitation if you were prevented from seeing your child
  • Modification of custody agreements
  • Arrest or jail time

Has your spouse refused to follow court orders? Are you unable to uphold the custody agreement due to circumstances that are out of your control? We will help you right that wrong, and we will ensure that your divorce agreement is respected, and your voice is heard.

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