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Sudden dog attack in restaurant injures 3-year-old Florida girl

Dog bites can have debilitating emotional effects on children. Serious physical injuries can cause long-term complications and permanent disfigurement. 

Seeing that the repercussions of dog attacks are so severe, victims and their families deserve to see justice served. Pursuing legal action may provide victims with compensation to help support their ongoing medical needs, as well as their emotional healing. 

Visit to restaurant turns dangerous

For one Florida family, their visit to a local restaurant in Old Town Spring took a devastating turn when a dog viciously attacked their 3-year-old daughter. According to the family and a friend who accompanied them to the restaurant, the girl ran ahead of their group to get in line to order food. 

In a seemingly unprovoked attack, a dog in a service vest in front of the girl clamped down on her face and began shaking her. When the dog’s owner pulled the leash, the dog released its hold and the girl fell to the ground. The girl’s father ran after the dog’s owner as she attempted to flee the scene and was able to get her license plate. Authorities have made contact with the owner and an investigation is underway. The girl’s mother expressed concerns about physical scars creating a permanent reminder of the emotional trauma her daughter experienced. 

Long-term complications

Dog attack victims may never feel the same toward dogs after an attack. Seeing another dog may trigger their memory of the traumatic incident that resulted in their permanent fear. Physical scars can cause discomfort and make victims self-conscious about their appearance. Depending on the severity of a dog attack, some injuries can compromise a victim’s well-being and ability to live an independent life. 

While therapy can help a victim sort through emotional trauma, the costs can cause financial distress. Families seeking compensation for their injured loved one may use some of the acquired resources to help offset the costs of facilitating recovery. 

Source: MSN, “Toddler bitten by dog in service vest inside restaurant,” Jan. 11, 2021 

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