Florida ranks second in nation for fatal work zone car crashes

Encountering road work when traveling Florida’s roadways may waste time and lead to unplanned delays. It may, too, increase your chances of involvement in a serious car crash. Work zones often contain many hazards that motorists struggle to navigate. The combination of these hazards and negligent drivers means injuries and fatalities are common occurrences in these areas. 

According to the Florida Department of Transportation, Florida’s work zones are some of the most dangerous in the entire nation. In 2016, Florida ranked second among all 50 states in terms of the number of people who died in crashes in its work zones. 

Work zone crash statistics

Research shows that deaths that take place in work zones make up 3% of all traffic fatalities. Work zone car wrecks also cause 2% of all serious injuries suffered by American motorists in crashes. What is it about construction zones that make them such dangerous places to drive? 

Multiple crash hazards

Some of the dangers lurking in work zones are the direct result of the work taking place there. Hazards such as loose gravel, moved traffic cones or unclear signage or detours may all heighten car crash risks. Drivers who exercise negligence when working their way through work zones also raise your chances of involvement in a wreck. Florida authorities report that the two most common violations drivers receive in the state’s work zones are for speeding and driving while distracted. 

Safety recommendations

To lower your chances of involvement in a work zone car wreck, make sure to abide by all reduced speed limits in these areas. When slowing to a stop, tap your brakes a few times to alert other drivers behind you of your plans.