How will divorce affect your relationship with your children?

You’re not the only one who will feel the impact of a divorce. If you have children with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, they’re also in the line of fire. And for that reason, it’s critical that you do your part in helping them navigate this challenging time.

It’s natural to have concerns about your future relationship with your children. Here are some questions you can answer to calm your mind and ensure that you still maintain a strong bond post-divorce:

  • What is your custody arrangement? For example, if you have physical custody of your children, you’ll see them all the time because they live in your home. Conversely, if you only have visitation rights, you’ll need to make the most of every visit with your children.
  • Do you understand your parenting agreement? This is where you’ll find a lot of information and guidance pertaining to co-parenting. It outlines everything from custody to visitation schedules to where your children will spend major holidays and other events. You negotiated these details during your divorce, so it’s time to follow the terms and conditions after your divorce is complete.
  • Do your children have questions? Remember, just because your divorce is behind you doesn’t mean your children are over it. They may still have questions about what went wrong, what it means to their future and how it will affect their relationship with you and your ex. Even if your children aren’t actively asking questions, you should continue to ask them if they require any type of support.
  • Are you maintaining a sound co-parenting relationship with your ex? This is easier said than done, but it’s something that you must do if you want to give your children the best possible life in the future. Good co-parenting means putting your children first, following the parenting plan and maintaining an open line of communication.

These are the types of questions you should answer as you consider the impact of your divorce on your relationship with your children.

If your ex is impeding on your ability to maintain this relationship, it’s time to review your parenting plan and possibly seek a modification.