Florida among the top contributors to pedestrian fatalities

Nearly half of pedestrian fatalities across the country come from five states, and Florida is one of them. This means you should take extra precautions while walking around traffic, and be aware of when dangers could be present.

Five states made up 47% of pedestrian fatalities, with Florida adding nearly 370 deaths in just the first six months of 2019. Those numbers are expected to rise again this year, so it’s crucial you understand why the recent increases are happening.

Driving dangerously

Pedestrian deaths had been dropping steadily for years, but the numbers have taken a dramatic turn. Researchers say there are several contributing factors:

  • Vehicles: While all vehicles have seen an increase in serious accidents, none have risen like the SUV. The rate of fatal injuries from SUV accidents has jumped 81% in the last decade, while cars are only up 53%. The increased size and power of these rides double the chance a pedestrian will suffer fatal injuries if struck.
  • Distractions: Cell phones are everywhere, and people can’t seem to keep their eyes off them while they’re driving. But while phones have taken distracted driving to a new level, talking and eating while operating a vehicle still contribute to thousands of fatal accidents every year.
  • Fatigue: Drowsy driving also shares the blame in thousands of serious accidents every year. Dozing off behind the wheel isn’t uncommon, as 37% of drivers have reported sleeping while driving. This is more likely to cause accidents at night and during daylight savings time.

The dangers are all around for foot traffic. Staying vigilant when drivers don’t can be crucial, and it will be important to remember when you’re building a claim. Knowing the reason for your accident could make all the difference when assigning fault.