Your motorcycle can disappear in traffic

If you ride a motorcycle, the small size of the vehicle already makes it harder for other drivers to spot. Many accidents happen when people simply do not see motorcycles and cut them off, turn in front of them or merge into them. These drivers are as shocked as anyone when they hit a motorcycle that they never knew was there. 

One problem is that motorcycles typically have to drive on streets with much larger traffic around them. This means that they can become hidden and essentially disappear. 

For instance, a driver waiting to make a turn may see a full-sized pickup truck coming toward them, towing a trailer. American pickup trucks are often well oversized for their actual use, and when you combine that mass with that of the trailer, it blocks the other driver’s entire view of what is behind that vehicle. 

If there is a small motorcycle coming behind the truck, even when the rider is maintaining a safe distance, the turning driver may never see them. As soon as the truck and trailer go by, that driver pulls into the street — and right into the path of the motorcycle. They only see it in the split second before the crash, when it is certainly too late to avoid that collision. 

Have you been hit while riding your bike and have you suffered serious injuries? If so, it is crucial that you know what rights you have to seek out financial compensation for things like medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, lost earning potential and much more.