Going for a walk in Florida could be bad for your health

Imagine if one Airbus 350 had dropped into the ocean, killing all on board, every month for over a decade. It would not have been allowed to happen. There would have been outrage after the first accident and the authorities would have taken action. They would have stopped the planes from flying, and they would have tightened safety regulations. 

A report by Smart Growth America finds an average of 390 people per month — the number of passengers on an Airbus 350 — has been killed each month for over a decade, not in the air, but walking along the street in the United States. Yet, it does not make the news.

The report goes on to say that the number of fatal pedestrian accidents is rising and that Florida is the most dangerous state for pedestrians in the whole country. Miami was the 14th most dangerous city, but cities in Florida occupy eight of the top 10 places.

Pedestrian deaths increased by 35.4% between 2008 and 2017, while pedestrian journeys increased by less than 1%, and vehicle miles increased by only 8%. Smart Growth America suggests this is due to how federal and state authorities plan out our roads and cities: They design them to allow cars to move faster, not to make them safer for pedestrians.

If you have survived being hit by a car while out walking, or have had a family member killed in a pedestrian accident in Miami, an attorney can explain the options available to you.