Distractions should never claim a driver’s attention

Drivers must be able to give their entire attention to the road, but there are many things that can claim their attention. Allowing this to happen can lead to serious crashes, so drivers must always be certain that they don’t allow it to happen.

Many things can distract a driver. Cellphones are one of the most commonly thought of, but there are others as well.

  • Reading billboards
  • Changing radio stations
  • Setting GPS devices
  • Eating or drinking while driving
  • Talking to other passengers
  • Reaching for something in the vehicle
  • Reading books, texts or emails
  • Checking social media

Even short distractions can be dangerous for drivers. Vehicles that are moving at 55 miles per hour can move the length of a football field in only five seconds. In that time and distance, a lot of accidents can occur, especially if the road is busy.

There are a few different ways that distractions can impact the driver. Things that take their hands off the wheel are known as manual distractions. Ones that take the mind off driving are known as cognitive distractions. Those that take the eyes off the road are visual distractions. It is possible that one distraction could include more than one of those.

For a person who is involved in a wreck with a distracted driver, trying to recover can be a long journey. You have to think about the physical and emotional impacts of the situation. You may opt to pursue legal compensation from the liable parties. This can help you cover the costs associated with the crash.