What Should You Ask Your Doctor After an Accident?

The aftermath of a car accident can be a stressful time, especially if you’ve suffered injuries. Your top priority should be to seek medical attention as soon as possible. When you do, there are a number of questions that you should ask your doctor – not only so that you know what you need to do to take care of yourself during your recovery, but also to aid your insurance claim and/or personal injury lawsuit.

Here are the top five things you should ask your attending physician after an accident:

  • What injuries have I suffered? It is important to have a thorough understanding of your injuries and their severity so that you can know what to expect during your recovery.
  • How were my injuries caused? While you are obviously seeing the doctor because of a car accident, you should make it a point to ask exactly how your injuries were caused. Did the speed of the other vehicle cause you to injure your neck? Did you sustain a concussion when your head hit the steering wheel? Getting the medical opinion of your doctor in writing can prevent the other driver’s insurer from suggesting that your injuries were caused by something other than your accident.
  • Do I face any future health concerns? Talk to your doctor about any potential long-term complications that may arise from your injury and what steps can be taken to minimize the risk of irreversible damage.
  • May I have a copy of my medical records? A successful lawsuit relies on thorough documentation of your damages. While many doctors freely provide you with copies of your medical records, you may have to make a formal request in some cases. Documentation of your injuries, doctor visits, doctor recommendations for long-term care, referrals, and other such information is critical to strengthening your claim.
  • Can I go back to work? Car accident victims will often need to take time away from work to recover from their injuries. It is important to get a doctor’s recommendation to establish your need to take time off of work. Your doctor’s note will also serve as proof of lost wages and/or earning potential when it comes to your claim.

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