Modifications to Court Orders in Florida

When you go through a divorce or need to settle an otherwise pressing family law issue, more often than not, the resolution will come in the form of some sort of court order. These mandates and regulations describe how to deal with a wide variety of legal matters, such as:

Just because the order came from a court doesn’t mean it is going to be the best solution for you, though. When a court order is putting a serious inconvenience or hindrance on your life, are you stuck in that situation? Or can something be done to improve your situation and seek fairness again?

Making Modifications for Valid Reasons

Thankfully, you may request court order modifications in Florida State. However, you can’t really do it on a whim or without ample evidence. In order to get the terms set by the court changed, you need to do so due to certain reasons, often dramatic or life-changing, and you must present them in a well-thought-out legal case.

Some of the most commonly accepted reasons for modifying court orders include:

  • Changes in income
  • Job loss
  • Necessity to relocate
  • Serious illness or debilitating injury
  • Changes in the needs of the children
  • Remarriage

It is important to remember that you do not specifically have to be the person to go through a major life experience for you to request court order modifications. For example, if your ex-spouse lands a new job that pays twice as much as your current wages, you can probably request that you no longer have to pay them child support or alimony payments so that you can live a more comfortable and financially secure lifestyle.

Where Should You Start?

How you go about filing for modifications to court orders is just as important as why you do it. As mentioned before, you should not go into your case unprepared and you should not expect much success if you don’t present some convincing evidence, such as financial or medical records. The wise choice is to look to a professional for help.

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