Supreme Court Rules That All States Must Legally Recognize Same-Sex Marriages

| Jul 15, 2015 | Family Law, Same-Sex Marriage

Several polls in early 2015 suggested that as many as 60% of all Americans were actually in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage, where the other 40% were either opposed or felt like they did not know enough about the issue to come to a decision. Could it be any surprise then that, just months later on June 26th, the United States Supreme Court ruled that all 50 states would have to recognize same-sex marriages?

The decision does not come without plenty of controversy in tow, however. Opponents of the verdict feel like it is in direct violation of states’ rights, that it acts against anything established in the Constitution, or that it is an affront to religious freedoms. Many politicians have already begun working on getting the ruling repealed. Even some county clerk offices in what would be considered traditionally conservative states are denying same-sex couples marriage licenses through means of legal loopholes.

More than Marriage Law Has Been Affected

Despite all that is going on surrounding the core of the ruling, what has not yet been addressed is whether or not other aspects of family law will be altered. Divorce rights, for example, were also granted to same-sex couples at the time of the verdict, allowing them to dissolve their marriage in whatever state they lived. But other areas still remain in the gray, such as child custody and adoption rights.

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